About Us


Mentos’ is a global business company established in 2010 in Netherlands, Amsterdam and had been expanded to reach 6 main branches all over the world during the last 8 year.

Mentors’ Philosophy had been summarized in its Unique Selling Proposition “ Plug Your Business Into the World” that means it supports any scale of the businesses to provide a business environment whether by Funds supporting, Business supporting or even physical business environment. Mentors’ had created three main functions to achieve this philosophy upon your business scale. It established Mentors’ Lab to support the startups within its new concept “Incubator Capsules” which allow the startup to focuse on his idea and Mentors’ will support in the rest of this business whether it is funding or any types of business support. Mentors’ Gate to provide the SMEs with a professional and international business co working spaces that had been extended to be Co working Community because it is not just a working space but it is an integrated social community where SME could find the full business support locally or globally through events, Exhibitions, Mentoring. Mentors’ Consulting is established for large companies to support them to decrease their expenses 20%+ . by using a unique consulting function which is transformational Supply Chain Management which allows the companies not to decrease their costs only, but integrate the whole functions together to ease the business grow.



Is to support communities of all startups and SMEs in our foot print & beyond to have right environment to grow with strategy, mentorship, financial, technical support & max exposure to global markets.


Mentor to Be on top 10 Startup accelerators in the world who contribute to economic developments.

Core Values

Honesty, Integrity, and creativity are the core of our Business.