Mentors’ Gate


Mentors’ Gate is a leading division in providing a new concept of a coworking spaces is called “ Co-Work Community ”

Mentors’ Gate is a leading division in providing a new concept of a coworking spaces is called “ coworkommunity” it is a merge of coworking spaces which we call it “Personalized Business Unit – PBU” and the community interactions where the SMEs will find a personalized zone to work quietly plus exposing to other businesses related to their fields locally and globally without distracting their concentration or focus.



Once the SMEs are plugged into our Co-work community, the business journey will start and it has three main steps (BCP)

  • Mentors’ Gate’s Application & Mentors’ Business Assessment.
  • Choose your membership & Customize your package.
  • Mentors’ Gate’s Adding Services.

A- Mentors’ Application & Mentors’ Business Assessment.

1- Mentors’ Gate’s Application

This is the first real interaction between Mentors’ & its Partners where you will choose you membership and customize your package.

2-Mentors’ Gate’s Business Assessment

This Free Assessment is provided by Mentors’ where our expert will have a meeting with you for Max. 30 minutes to highlight your business Model and focus on pain points you might face in the future and how to overcome these points.

B- Choose your membership & Customize your package   Mentors’ Gate provides two types of hosting.

    • Physical Office (Flex, Office, Executive, Suite)
    • Virtual Office

    Mentors’  has different office spaces from ( 1 desk till 8 desks) and you could use Mentors’ Training room, Meeting room or Conference room the time you choose.

C- Mentors’ Gate’s Adding Values Services

You could choose of many services that Mentors’ Gate provides

  • HR services ( HR advisory, Pay Roll & recruiting)
  • Marketing Services ( Marketing Advisory, Branding, Social Media, Advertising strategies)
  • Legal Services ( Legal Advisory, Business Address documentation)
  • Financing Services (Angel Funding, Round of Investments, Visibility Studies, Internal Financing Auditing)
  • General Consulting Services ( This service is a combined of many functions for your business overviewing)
  • Local & Global Exposure: Mentors’ will give you the opportunity to participate in its events, exhibitions & conferences locally or Globally
  • Mentors’ Events & Mentors’ Business Talk: this event are specialized in business where the public speaker will be focusing on the business issues, You could get these news through our website or even through our news notification that you will get monthly.

Virtual Office allows small and medium businesses to benefit from all the advantages of a prestigious address, landline phone numbers and team support without committing to dedicated office PBU expenses are minimized while the business retains the impression of a traditional high cost office and infrastructure.

Benefits of VBU

1- Physical Office

Our partner has full freedom to choose the right package per Day, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or VIP membership and customize your package starting from $55 and you will enjoy with all basic services inclusive with these memberships. We are offering extra services to support your business to grow.

Physical Office

2- Virtual Office

This type of hosting provides our partner with all we might need to establish his business without being engaged to a certain location and it has different packages Virtual C, Virtual B, Virtual A & Virtual A+. This type of hosting could start from $400 per year (All types are yearly).

All types have inclusive services and extra services as shown.

Physical Office