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Mentors believe that any startup or SME should have a certain support to scale up the business and to overcome the challenges that the business might face.

In 2015. Dr. Mohamed Sery announced in his speech during the startup summit was held in Netherlands. “That the current challenges facing the startups & SMEs could be opportunities if they could change their paradigm towards these challenges but they need a special and professional business environment to support them”….. He added that the revenue is the target for any businessman. Mentors is providing the secret of a successful business so he created a term is called BUSINESS EQUATION where implementing this equation will guide the businessman to a right business growth.

To increase the business revenue; you need to focus on five parameters which are the main variables of this Equation IDEA, PEOPLE, SKILLS/IMAGE, FINANCIAL and PLANNING. The equalizing of these five parameters will define the business growth.

Mentors had created services moving around this Equation to ensure providing a sustainable business growth to their customers. Mentors’ mission was driven from this strategically concept which is “Coworking Business Community” moreover Mentors unique Selling Proposition is reinforcing this concept as well .

“ Plug your Business Into The World”

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