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About Us

Mentors believe that any startup or SME should have a certain support to scale up the business and to overcome the challenges that the business might face.

Mentors’ Transformation Philosophy is an innovation concept for the startups and SMEs supporting their businesses to scale up through providing a complete business echo system, starting from supporting their business ideas till the funding phase. Mentors’ aims to support and provide a professional business environment for their startups and SMEs. Mentors’ concept could be summarized in Business Community support.

Mentors’ can support you with:

- International Business community networking
- Business& personal Development
- Local and international Legal Registration /Support
- Co-working Space in 10+ countries
- Media and Industrial Licenses Validations
- Financial Studies 7 Business Planning
- Digital Marketing & Branding Support
- Seniors and Juniors Capacity Building Training
- Business Acceleration, Match making and Funding
- Local and international Business Expanding Strategy
- Digital and Profitability Transformation
- Digital Supply chain best in class development

“ Plug your Business Into The World”

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Mohamed El-Sery


Amr Naguib

Managing Director

Dietmar Dresp

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