Mentors’ Lap



are considered one of the most important piles of the economy but on the other hand there is still a big percentage of the failure could occur due to premature scaling, running out of cash before they are able to get fully established or who are funded by venture capitals (VC) are never able to show investors a return of their investment or even they do not have a clear business model.

Mentors’ lab is a Startup Collaborative Accelerator Program (M’SCAP) developed a heuristic model that accounts for important criteria every new startup opportunity needs to be considered. Heuristics are generally accepted best practices that can be useful in pointing the way of the business success.


How to use M’SCAP ?

This program aims to accelerate the business growth and it starts once you plug into one of our Incubator Capsules (ICs) the process starts automatically, M’SCAP is divided into four main phases.


  • This phase is an initial phase which indicates the scope and the business charter which includes the processes and actions required to identify, define, combine, and coordinate the business requirements together and identifying all the work that is necessary for the business completion.
  • A prestigious personalized working units space provided with all the comfort elements to work professionally (If needed) which is not considered only a place to work from but it also considered a connecting point to other similar locally and/or globally businesses you will benefit from.

By the end of this phase, you will have a clear vision for your Business Growth Path.


This phase is considered the most important step in your business life cycle, Comprehensive business training programs, Mentoring, expertise, investors will guide and re-direct your business to the professional way by setting regular meetings and workshops with them in different fields HR, Supply Chain, Accounting/financial management assistance, Legal support for company establishment, specific characteristics such as ownership, size, legal contracts, agreements locally and  Globally, Marketing, graphic designing for your branding or presentations and the technicality in your business.

  • Life coaches will help you to develop your personality in terms of psychologically, behaviorally and help with presentation skills.
  • Monthly meeting between startups to exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge (MENTORS’ FORUM).

These meetings either group meetings or ONE-TO-ONE meeting will be arranged between MENTORS’ Lab and you


  • This phase is a great milestone for your business where a real work will start. Preparing due diligence to decide the model of investment or seed funding by Mentors’ or one of its angel investors, interviewing them and convincing them with your business model and of course the balance sheets to raise your fund. 
  • Mentors’ Lab could provide the investment that you require  $10M+ according to the valuation of your Business Model. This investment will be gradually raised according to the business growth milestones that will be defined during your (Incubator Capsule) which will guide you and nurture your business for this full investment.


  • Our relationship with various local and global industry experts, companies, CEO’s, managing directors, academic institutions, innovators, media, service providers, governmental entities, NGO’s and even startups is considered the golden mine for you to exposure your business.
  • Attending exhibitions, Events, conferences locally and globally is other stream of your networking exposure, so this phase is your core one to keep your business plugged to the local and the global market and for your business future expansion.
  • Global Networking during our American, European & Asian branches
  • Partnerships & Alliances you could also get benefits of for franchising Institutions , High-tech corporates, Medical Care institutions, Industrial