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Mentors Business Community Hub is the place that helps your business to start and grow around the world

Mentors’ is a global business company established in 2010 in Netherlands, Amsterdam and had been expanded to reach 18 main branches all over the world during the last 11 year.

Mentors provides three main services to support startups and SMEs in different ways

1- Business Spaces
- Office Administrations
- Healthcare spaces Management
2- Education & Development
3- Value added Services

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Business Spaces

Business Spaces

Space management is the process of controlling and managing the different physical workspaces a business occupies. It enables strategic planning to provide cost-effective solutions and allows the inventory of space you have available to be optimized for employees to perform their work more efficiently.

Space management is the process of Controlling & Managing 

Healthcare Space Management

Healthcare establishments have some of the most stringent and specific space demands of any commercial facilities. Between patients, staff, visitors, assets, and the facilities themselves, it’s no surprise that healthcare space management is one of the most complex facilities management modalities.
There are also the many verticals to consider: everything from dentistry and optometry to critical care and oncology facilities. Facilities Managers have their work cut out for them.

 Education & Development

Mentors' Education & Development

Keep your knowledge and skill set relevant and make a meaningful contribution to your team and organization through professional development courses and certificates, or let us design an organization-specific program to help resolve your pressing business challenges.

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