Mentors’ Services Profile

All Mentors Service Profiles Are Focusing On

The Business Equation

1- Shared Business Functions (Value Adding Services)

Mentors is providing a shared functions where a startup or SME could find all business functions might be needed “Graphic designer, Social media specialist, Accountant, Lawyer, Marketer, Business developer, IT specialist, Administration Specialist, Document Controller, HR Specialist).
These business functions will save 60% of the OPEX if will be enrolled by the startup or SME directly.

2- Business Communities

Mentors is opening a new window for the startups & SMEs to the real business communities where they could make new business deals or expanding their businesses abroad in countries where Mentors has footprints (Netherlands, USA, Ukrainian, Australia, Dubai, Pakistan & Egypt) either having a physical or virtual offices there or attending the international exhibitions regarding your business

3- Affordable Prices

One of the most important value believes that Mentors is considering that, it has a great responsibilities toward the community of business around and to support this community, Mentors decided to provide affordable prices for its facilities to build the right business echo-system. So the startup and SME will find middle bench marking price in the prestigious co working space which could help him to sustain the business growth

4- Co-Working Spaces (Standard, Time Share, Virtual)

Mentors provides professional business spaces environment through the co working spaces services. Mentors has four types of co working spaces to suite different customers’ requirements

A- The Lounge: it suites the executives where this office is luxury furnished (Chairman Desk and Chair, with two chairs, Sofa, private smart screen & small meeting room, Espresso machine)

B- Standard office: it suites the businessmen where could use the 7days. Two types of standard office are available either share office or private one.

C-Timeshare office: where you could use four, eight, twelve or sixteen days per month according to your business needs

D-Virtual office: where you could tailor your attendance according to your requirements either your meeting with your clients are much more than your work time, this model will be suitable for you.

5- Mentoring
(Business Training Programs, 101 Business Consultation)

Mentors is providing different types of training programs to enhance the performance of the business. These programs are designed to serve all types of businesses startups and SMEs.

A- “Innovative Entrepreneur”
This program is 30 hour program serve the startups focusing the main five parameters of Mentors BUSINESS EQUATION on one hand and the bitching techniques on the other hand

B- “101 Business Formula”
This program is divided into two parts, 1st. part is focusing on the fundamental of the business and the second part is focusing on the 101 coaching for your own specific business.

C-“Profitability Transformation/Intelligence Business”
This program is designed to improve the skills, knowledge and experience of decision makers to maximize their awareness of profitability transformation among the market challenges.

D- “Chameleon Effect”
This program is designed to create a new dimension of customers’ communication tool to increase the volume of sales.

E- "Mathematical Contracts"
This program is designed to enforce the skills of constructing the communication documents legally & technically such as DNA, MOU, RFP, General Contracts, Proposals etc...

F- “Financial Dashboard”
This program is designed to Consolidate the financial data, analyzing and presenting to support the decision makers to be aligned with the business vision ...

G- "The Good Work "
This program is designed to enhance the performance of the human factor among the work environment...

H- "Chess Board Management"
This program is designed to improve the internal process of the business community

I- "Telescopic & Microscopic Management"
This program is designed to investigate the reflection between the macro economy and the Micro economy (Business Scale)

J- “LEED Program”
This program is designed for buildings to have a substantial impact on the health and wellbeing of people and the planet. Buildings use resources, generate waste and are costly to maintain and operate. Green building is the practice of designing, constructing and operating buildings to maximize occupant health and productivity, use fewer resources, reduce waste and negative environmental impacts, and decrease life cycle costs.